Automatic detection of EEG artefacts arising from head movements using EEG and gyroscope signals

Simon O’Reganc, Stephen Faul, William Marianne. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland



Contamination of EEG signals by artefacts arising from head movements has been a serious obstacle in the deployment of automatic neurological event detection systems in ambulatory EEG. In this paper, we present work on categorizing these head-movement artefacts as one distinct class and on using support vector machines to automatically detect their presence. The use of additional physical signals in detecting head-movement artefacts is also investigated by means of support vector machines classifiers implemented with gyroscope waveforms. Finally, the combination of features extracted from EEG and gyroscope signals is explored in order to design an algorithm which incorporates both physical and physiological signals in accurately detecting artefacts arising from head-movements.   Click here to read the full article

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