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Research Project: EMOTIV VR

Research Project: EMOTIV VR

By LS2N and The Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts – Tours Angers Le Mans This art-science project explores the use case of a neuro-interactive film, combining two innovative modalities: immersion in an omnidirectional film in virtual reality (VR) and the use of EEG sensors from an EMOTIV EPOC to measure the live experience of the viewer. The cinematic experience adapts a scene from the film “Freud’s Last Hypnosis”, by Marie-Laure Cazin and allows spectators to embody two different points of view: that of Freud, and his patient. EEG sensors allow implicit interaction of viewers based on their emotional and cognitive journey. Emotive VR has been presented at an international level, including the ACM International, Conference on Interactive Experiences, TVX, (Seoul, Korea, June 2018), and the International Summer Symposium (Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), June 2018). The project will be finalized and presented to the public in 2019 at festivals and residencies abroad. The original article is in French and accessible here.
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