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Camille Des Jardins and Intonic

Camille Des Jardins and Intonic

Richard Warp and James Craft, a music innovator and composer, have teamed up to help fourteen-year old Camille Des Jardins to expand her musical voice. Camille is bright and musically gifted, but her expressive skills are hampered by the physical limitations of cerebral palsy. Using her eyes, Camille composes music through an effective but time-consuming process. Now, by combining the use of the EMOTIV Insight with Intonic’s software plugins, Camille is expressing musical sounds using her brain state.

Richard Warp, music technologist and friend to EMOTIV, has developed a suite of software plugins that ‘musify’ the brain signal – in other words, the patterns emerging from the user’s brain activity are intelligently mapped to various musical parameters to create sonic textures and contours that reflect different cognitive and emotional states. His company, Intonic, plans to release a commercial version of this software later this year.

Camille has composed eight classical pieces for a soon-to-be released album. Her next series of work, based on the Hero’s Journey, will integrate brain wave technology. Eventually, the skills developed through the EEG software can be applied to specific mental commands, giving Camille a voice through language-based software.

To learn more about Camille and her music, follow the link below!

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