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How EEG tech aids workplace wellness

How EEG tech aids workplace wellness

How often do you consider your well-being, especially in the workplace? As we spend a large proportion of our time working, worker wellness is key to our professional success and to overall business success. In recent times, worker wellness has become more emphasised: with workers experiencing job losses, workplace disruptions, and the transition to remote work.

As a neuroinformatics Company, EMOTIV started with a mission to understand and accelerate global research into the brain via electroencephalography (EEG), and has already developed the world’s most accurate and affordable wearable, whole brain-measuring technology on the market. EMOTIV employs 100 people in Silicon Valley, Hanoi, and Sydney, and the company also has third-party neuroscientific researchers and developers in 120 countries. With a focus on an ongoing collaboration with partners and brands, EMOTIV is discovering a raft of specific applications for the platform, including mobility, workplace wellness, transport safety, health and wellness, robotics, hands-free control of devices, computer interfaces, art, design, and entertainment.

For nearly a decade, EMOTIV has continuously innovated to provide technological solutions to aid worker wellness. We’ve empowered tens of thousands of passionate individuals from around the world to monitor and better understand how the human brain functions in real-life situations—including the workplace. Our wireless brain monitoring EEG headsets and neuroscience applications are an affordable and simple way for you to monitor your brain activity while you’re working.

It’s important to understand how we can thrive at work, improve our workplace wellness and increase our safety, learning, and performance. Then, by establishing this foundation, the benefits will cascade from our professional life to other people and situations in our lives.

“That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs (CEO and co-founder of Apple)

Technology Advances

At EMOTIV, we’re committed to providing solutions that enable everyone, not just neuroscientists and physicians, to collect and, more importantly, make sense of brain data. We also want to ensure that every organization benefits from neuroscientific insights. We’ve dedicated years to researching and developing our machine learning algorithms that enable real-time monitoring of stress and attention in the workplace.

EMOTIV MN8 is the centerpiece of a cloud-based ecosystem that leverages the power of contextualized neuroinformatics to improve work wellness, safety, training and productivity strategies. The brain data it collects can be integrated into adaptive software solutions aimed at making people feel and learn better and be safer and more productive.

The Future of Work

Have you ever wanted to maintain consistent peak performance while you’re working? EMOTIV’s technology can do what we humans are notoriously bad at—assessing our stress levels and cognitive limits. Typical productivity tools don’t take into account our personal physiology, cognitive states, or personal preferences. They offer cookie cutter solutions that work for some people but don’t for others.

At EMOTIV The Future of Work is Here NOW.

With EMOTIV, you have the potential to see what factors impact your ideal workflow. These factors could include interruptions, a last minute meeting with your boss, and stressful deadlines. Then what happens? You’ve lost your concentration and flow.

EMOTIV’s brain-based technology can assist you in maintaining consistent peak performance while you’re working. Using Emotiv MN8 can help you understand how your attention fluctuates during your day and helps you find your flow again.

EMOTIV is creating a consortium of companies that are coming together through collaboration to further understand how workspace design and technology can empower workers to feel better and be more productive.

How SAP and EMOTIV are Personalizing Workplace Learning.

In 2018, SAP Design and EMOTIV partnered to introduce the first application of the Future of Work, which aimed to address today’s workplace challenges. EMOTIV MN8 provides data on your brain’s activity to help you understand when, where, and how you work best. It enables you to identify when you cross from sustainable cognitive load to cognitive overload. EMOTIV MN8 combines Emotiv’s award-winning EEG technology with easy-to-use, smart earbuds. With this technology, you can gain quantifiable insights into your physical state and cognition resulting in positive behavioral change.

Further collaboration has taken place between JLL and EMOTIV recently. By using EMOTIV-invented headsets that enable precise, real-time insights into cognitive and emotional states through EEG, JLL and EMOTIV are involved in a series of joint studies. These will measure where and how employees can enhance productivity and better manage their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

“At JLL, we see the workplaces of the future as an extension of the human mind and we turned to neuroscience – and the partnership with EMOTIV was a natural fit,” said Ben Hamley, Future of Work Lead, Asia Pacific, JLL. In addition, “with the data we gather, we can determine the core imperatives for workspace design to support employee health, wellness, and effectiveness at work,” said Tan Le, CEO of EMOTIV.

Today, we need to be at the top of our game to find that edge, be more agile, and be more informed. EMOTIV provides responsive technology that works with you to achieve personal empowerment and success.

Take the opportunity to see how EMOTIV can benefit you in your workplace so you can achieve maximum performance and effectiveness. Not only will you feel the impact on your workflow, but you’ll feel the benefit in other areas of your life too.

EMOTIV is a recognized pioneer and market leader in the field of BCI enterprise solutions and EEG technology. Its award-winning EMOTIV EPOC+ headset and the 10-year anniversary edition EPOC X provide professional-grade BCI data for academic research and commercial use (EMOTIV EPOC X brain-computer interface).

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