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VIDEO: How can big data beat big disease?

VIDEO: How can big data beat big disease?

Predicting outbreaks of a disease, from the passage of the Zika virus to a person’s predisposition to cancer, is crucial to our ability to fight back—and big data is at the front of that battle. National Geographic and Bayer feature EMOTIV’s involvement in big data to address mental health and wellness. IT COULD BE a parent, sibling, family member or friend. It could be you. Almost everyone knows someone who has or has had cancer. The statistics are stark: One in three American males are likely to develop the disease. Cancer is impenetrably complex and notoriously difficult to treat; it is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Through persistent global efforts, cancer fatality rates in the US have fallen by 23 percent, but the number of new cases is predicted to rise by 62 percent by 2040. We’re in a running battle with cancer, but we may be edging ahead thanks to a powerful new weapon: big data… See more here.
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