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Renault KADJAR presents Team Will Power

Renault KADJAR presents Team Will Power

To control this Renault SUV, just use your brain!

In another recent collaboration, Renault conducted a literal thought experiment in Sweden amongst a team of three athletes. In preparation of an upcoming circuit, a mental training coach was assigned to improve the team’s mental focus and coordination by challenging them to work together to pilot a modified SUV.

A Kadjar SUV was fitted with a mechanical driving system that was controlled by the 3 athletes wearing the EMOTIV Insights. One person controlled left turns, one controlled right turns and the third handled the car’s acceleration.

The drivers started with a simulator to practice and calibrate the headsets before moving onto an obstacle course. Renault named the group “Team Will Power” as they had to work together while still concentrating on their individual tasks in order to pilot the SUV through the course.

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