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Noor – A Brain Opera by Ellen Pearlman

Noor – A Brain Opera by Ellen Pearlman

Noor is a fully immersive brain opera in 360-degree theatre, where a performer launches video, a sonic environment, and a libretto through her brain activity. The world premier was at ISEA 2016 Hong Kong on May 18th, with a second run at the Microwave Festival in Hong Kong on May 27th. Noor is an original ‘brain opera’. Though artists have been working with EEGs producing musical events, no one has ever created a full audio visual brain opera. Using the EPOC+ headset, the performer’s emotional states, at various times, launch digital databanks of video, audio and spoken word enabled events while simultaneously displaying the performer’s brainwaves in real-time for audience viewing. Artist Bio Ellen Pearlman is a doctoral candidate at the School of Creative Media at Hong Kong City University, and Director and Curator of the Volumetric Society of New York, and President of Art-A-Hack ™ that brings artists and technologists together to make something new. See the Full Coverage Here
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