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Neuroscience aids Construction Workers

Neuroscience aids Construction Workers

Neuroscience aids Construction Workers – Global turmoil has increased pressure on industry to adapt to dynamic work landscapes. People are at the core of every business and we need to establish new models of success for workers based on the Future of Work. Many studies center on new technologies and how people and teams can be more effective in the workplace. A recent literature review looked at studies that use these new technologies to address worker safety and productivity in the workplace. This summary indicates key learnings and the potential for future research and impacts for The Future of Work.

Measuring and computing Cognitive Statuses of Construction Workers

Using objective tools, like EEG, neuroscientists are helping us better understand how people function in environments where safety and productivity are of paramount importance. A recent study critically reviewed research projects that examined cognitive statuses such as vigilance, mental fatigue, mental stress, attention, mental workload, and emotional state in construction workers.

Overall, the review illustrated experiment design considerations, research gaps in existing studies and proposed recommendations for future research. Practical suggestions were also provided for project managers to improve construction management noting that construction workers’ cognitive status is closely related to equipment, work environment, and working hours.

The Future of Work

New technology can clearly enable us to work smarter, happier, and more efficiently. These tools can measure and interpret your brain data and help you achieve peak productivity while managing stress. Optimal stress levels help us focus and work smart, not hard. However, too much stress and we become overloaded and performance suffers.

We don’t have to wait years to experience the benefits of this new technology! Emotiv technology can now do what we humans are notoriously bad at—assessing our own stress levels and cognitive limits. At Emotiv The Future of Work is Here NOW.

The launch of EMOTIV MN8 is a very important milestone us. and very relevant in the workplace setting. EMOTIV MN8 is the centrepiece of an enterprise ecosystem leveraging the power of contextualized neuroinformatics to improve work wellness, safety, training and productivity strategies. Brain data can also be integrated dynamically in adaptive software solutions aimed at making people feel and learn better, while being safer and more productive.

Your brain is the most complex part of your body. Due to the accelerating pace of research and the availability of neurotechnology scientists have learned more about the brain in the last 10 years than in the previous century. Our brains hold the key to redefining and enhancing just about every aspect of our world, and we hope you’ll join us in unlocking its secrets and creating the future. How will YOU leverage this technology? At EMOTIV, we can assist the growth of your organization using neuroscientific insights. Emotiv has dedicated years of research and development to their machine learning algorithms that enable scientific and real-time monitoring of stress and attention in the workplace. We are a recognized pioneer and market leader in the field of BCI enterprise solutions and EEG technology. Our award-winning EEG headsets provide professional-grade BCI data for academic research and commercial use.

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