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Benjamin Pothier takes EMOTIV EPOC+ to the Moon

Benjamin Pothier takes EMOTIV EPOC+ to the Moon

An international team of analog astronauts spent 15 days on a remote facility offering moon mission simulations. The mission took place in a repurposed nuclear bunker on a former military airport in northwestern Poland. The crew members participated in various experiments during the mission. This included psychological and physiological reactions to a lack of natural light for 15 days, a strict freeze-dried food diet, and every two days we participated in Extravehicular Activities (EVA) simulations, exploring the surface of the moon’s surface.

Benjamin Pothier is an elected fellow international of the Explorers Club and a human factor expert for the International Astronautical Federation’s human spaceflight committee. When posed with what he would take on a simulated mission to the MOON, his packing list included the EMOTIV EPOC – our mobile EEG headset, which is designed for scalable and contextual human brain research and provides access to professional grade brain data with a quick and easy to use design, and can record high resolution brain data. This was an essential device for Benjamin’s human factor experiment.

Package list from left to right and top to bottom:



Protecting the EMOTIV EPOC+ portable EEG headset for a human factor experiment

Sundström SR 200 full face mask

Analog mission blue flight suit

Lenovo Mirage VR S3 goggles

Foolography Unleashed for Nikon


Tilak Military NOSHAQ MIG official jacket for the mission

NAGRA SEVEN audio recorder for documentary filmmaking

NANUK NANO cases for my SD and XQD cards

Lenovo ThinkPad P15 rugged laptop

CCP.FM ZAG pants

NANUK DJI Mini 2 Case

bagjack Hip Bag

HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 V GTX mid/coyote, official boots of the mission crew

Away Aluminum Carry-On

Read more about Benjamin’s simulated moon mission here.

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