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Storing your EMOTIV EEG headset

Storing your EMOTIV EEG headset

Welcome back to our series on maximizing your EMOTIV EEG headset’s potential. In the previous two parts, we explored sensor hydration and the importance of cleaning your headset to maximize its potential. In this installment, we explore the best practices for storing your EEG headset and its components, ensuring its longevity and EEG data accuracy.


Why Proper Storage is Crucial

Improper storage can lead to headset damage, scratched sensors, or exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture. All of which can significantly impact the quality of your results.

Here are some tips for keeping your headset in top condition:


Use the Provided Storage Case

It might seem obvious, but always use your headset’s storage case. You’ll be surprised by the number of headsets damaged because they’ve been thrown in a drawer or left on a desk after use. EMOTIV ships all its headsets in their own specially designed storage cases. Doing this reduces the chance of shipping damage and allows you to keep your headset safe and dirt-free when not used.

EMOTIV’s storage cases are made from EVA foam, which is durable and lightweight. Perfect for keeping your headset safe when traveling between your office and research locations.



Keep Your EEG Headset Dry

Moisture can be detrimental to EEG headset sensors. Over time, moisture can cause saline sensors to corrode, impacting your EEG data’s accuracy. Always store your headset in its storage case, away from humidity or liquids. As mentioned in our previous post—Cleaning Your EMOTIV EEG Headset—always air dry your headset and felts to avoid sensor corrosion or mold before you store it. If you use FLEX, ensure the Flex Cap is dry before storing it to reduce the chance of mold.



Secure Cables & Sensors

This tip is for FLEX users. When you’ve finished an experiment, unplug the sensor cables from the Flex Controller and carefully store them in a storage case. Cable damage, such as kinks or bends, will reduce the life of the cables and impact the integrity of your EEG data. Always keep the cables tidy using the supplied wire wrap and tagger pins to lock the wires into the Flex Cap.

flex saline cables flex gel cables



The launch of FLEX 2 in 2023 provided researchers with a compartmentalized travel case, making it easier for you to organize and store FLEX’s components securely.

flex saline package



Avoid Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the headset material to degrade. Keeping your headset in its storage case will protect it from UV rays and prolong its lifespan.



Keep Your Headset Clean

Keeping your headset in its storage case ensures it’s clean and ready for your next research project. If you don’t store your headset properly, dust and dirt will collect on the sensors, resulting in artifacts in your EEG data. Keeping your headset in a plastic container does the job if you don’t have a storage case.

Taking time to organize and store your headset properly is an investment in the success of your research. Proper headset storage is critical for EEG data accuracy and the reproducibility of your research. By following these best practices, you’ll ensure the longevity of your headset and the accuracy of your data. In our final installment, we discuss participant preparation and its importance for the success of your research.

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