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EEG Machine

EEG Machine

EEG Machine

An EEG machine is a device that records the electrical activity of the brain. It contain electrodes that can detect brain activity when placed on a subject’s scalp. The electrodes record the brain wave patterns and the EEG machine sends the data to a computer or cloud server.


EEG Machine Diagram depicts the structure of a modern EEG Machine from the subject to the data retrieved.



EEG Machine FAQ’s


What is an EEG Machine?

EEG machines — which include portable EEG machines, ambulatory EEG machines and EEG neurofeedback machines or EEG biofeedback machines — are monitoring devices used for EEG recordings. EEG stands for electroencephalography, the non-invasive method of monitoring the brain’s electrical signals.

Most of these devices contain electrodes, amplifiers, filters and an analog to digital converter. Wireless or portable EEG machines contain a battery, while wired EEG machines will be hooked up directly to a computer.

An ambulatory EEG machine is used during an extended EEG reading. Often used to diagnose sleep disorders or seizure disorders, ambulatory EEGs record for up to 72 hours while traditional EEG tests record for 1-2 hours.

EEG neurofeedback machines, also called EEG biofeedback machines, are EEG systems that allow a subject to see their brain activity in real-time. During this type of EEG monitoring, the EEG machine is synced to a computer or a cloud device, and the subject’s brain waves are displayed on a computer screen.




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How Does an EEG Machine Work?

The EEG electrodes pick up on electrical activity produced by neurons. EEG machines use an array of electrodes because the brain produces different signals from different brain regions. The number of electrodes corresponds with the number of channels an EEG machine has. The more channels, the higher the resolution of EEG data captured. A 32 channel EEG machine captures a more detailed picture of brainwave activity than an 8 channel EEG machine.

EEG signals are typically very small — around 10 microVolts or less. To make accurate measurements the signals from the electrodes are passed to an amplifier system that stabilizes the signals and magnifies them to a level that can be measured accurately using common electronic components that convert them to digital signals. The amplified signals can be recorded via computer, mobile device or cloud database.


How to Read an EEG Machine

If an EEG test is recommended for medical reasons, doctors who specialize in the nervous system are responsible for reading and interpreting the results.

In the past, only doctors and researchers with the proper technical training could make sense of EEG data. Now, there are several software solutions that pair with EEG machines to make EEG insights more readily available. Individuals, employers or researchers can use software to visualize brain activity patterns, analyze EEG data streams and measure cognitive performance.

This software often uses machine learning to parse through the EEG signals (machine learning EEG data). Machine learning algorithms can be trained to recognize the brain patterns that occur while the EEG subject experiences different expressions, emotions and actions.


What Does an EEG Machine Measure?

EEG machines measure changes in the electrical activity the brain produces, not thoughts or feelings. These voltage changes come from ionic current within and between neurons. EEG machines don’t send any electricity into your brain, they simply capture electrical signals that naturally occur as your brain absorbs and processes information.


Does EMOTIV offer EEG Machines?

EMOTIV is an award-winning EEG machine brand that offers three devices built for neuroscience, workplace wellness and safety, cognitive performance, neuromarketing, and brain-controlled technology applications. EMOTIV’s devices start at $299 for individual performance and wellness use (the EMOTIV Insight headset).

Considered one of the best EEG machines on the market, the EMOTIV EPOC X headset provides professional-grade brain data for academic research and commercial use. For researchers, EMOTIV offers the EPOC FLEX Cap, a 32 channel EEG machine with high-density coverage and moveable electrodes available in either gel or saline.

EMOTIV also offers software for reading EEG machines. EmotivPro enables users to analyze EEG data, display EEG recordings in real-time and mark events. BrainViz is a real-time, 3D brain visualization software application used for research purposes.

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