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Gain accurate insights into your cognitive and emotional states in real-time through electroencephalography (EEG). EMOTIV’s analytics can be used to improve performance and power new applications & services in neuroscience research, health and wellness, automotive, consumer research, education, and entertainment industries.

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Making an Impact

EMOTIV has been pioneering advancements in cutting edge EEG technology to shift how, when, and where you can conduct neuroscience research. Now, we’re completely redefining the scope of your research capabilities to make it more accessible, inclusive, and universal. Because in order to fully understand one brain, we must research them all. Researchers now have access to affordable, high quality, and precision neurotech and the ability to deploy fully customized experiments to a global community. Participants can learn, earn, and contribute from anywhere in the world.

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Learn About Your Brain

Your brain is the most complex part of your body. Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last 10 years than in all previous centuries because of the accelerating pace of research and the availability of neurotechnology. What will YOU do with this technology?

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Become an integral piece in the puzzle of understanding the brain inside each of us, and forge the path ahead for decoding the human brain.With EmotivLABS, researchers finally have access to reliable EEG data from a demographically diverse participant pool from over 100 different countries. Join as a contributor and help shape the future of neuroscience by participating in LABS experiments while earning money. The missing elements of neuroresearch, accessibility and breadth, are finally here.

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Empowering brain researchers

Complete your research efficiently and stay within budget with our award-winning headsets and all-in-one EmotivPRO platform. Peer-reviewed and cited in thousands of scholarly research projects, our technology allows you to build and publish your neuroscience experiments, acquire and analyze EEG data, and even connect with global participants.

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Create games and apps powered by the power ofthe mind! Built on JSON and WebSockets, Cortex integrates our headset’s data streams with third-party software enabling you to record data, create BCI applications or build custom games and apps. Cortex is our new API powerhouse, enabling you to start creating truly personalized experiences and activations using real-time brain data.

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