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Track real-time cognitive performance metrics with the EMOTIV Contour app, included with your MN8.

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Through this immersive system, we were able to get 95% of people the right fragrance, personalized to their needs and desires, which is enormously higher than without this technology.”

Stephan Bezy

International General Manager at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Combining our wearable technology with EMOTIV’s expertise and market reach will facilitate the introduction of a truly user-friendly, end-to-end solution for brain and physiological signal measurement.”

Ziv Peremen

Ph.D., CEO of X-trodes

EMOTIV’s BCI headsets open the door to a whole new way of being creative. There is so much that we will be able to explore as artists, and I do encourage other artists to experiment with this new way of making music and art. Have some fun with it!”

Angie C

Canadian musician and popstar

We give you the tools.
What you create is limited only by your imagination.

Integrate MN8 and Contour into your existing programs and apps, or make something completely new with our Developer Kit

What’s inside?

1. EEG and Audio Headset custom-built for frictionless daily use

Our most compact device yet offers 2-channel Bluetooth EEG integrated with stereo audio, microphone, motion sensor, and long-lasting battery life of up to 6 hours. The MN8 gives users an intimate connection with their own brain, available for the first time in a consumer device.

2. Contour App

Onboarding Flow

Step-by-step instructions for users to pair the MN8 to Contour and gain optimal connectivity

Outlook Integration

Synchronize events and meetings with real-time brain activity


Cognitive performance reports in daily, weekly and monthly increments

Tray Applications

Allows users to quickly access Contour and multitask as needed

3. MN8 Devkit

Develop with EMOTIV and join the thousands of Researchers, Developers and Fortune 500 companies globally and start developing for your enterprise solution powered by EMOTIV today!


2 x EMOTIV MN8 2-channel EEG buds


Integrated software solution to record, store and export data

Cortex API to EMOTIV data streams

Access raw EEG data and Cognitive Stress & Auditory Attention performance metrics

Virtual Brainwear®

Device simulator for application development

EMOTIV Launcher

EMOTIV’s centralized software for desktop and mobile


Crowdsourced research platform featuring interactive brain games

Your ideas are waiting

We’ll bring the next-gen EEG technology – you bring your imagination.

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EMOTIV has inspired and empowered thousands of applications for mobile EEG around the world since 2011

See some examples below.

EMOTIV has inspired and empowered thousands of applications for mobile EEG around the world since 2011

See some examples below.

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