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Inside The Box

Inside The EPOC X travel case

Inside The Box

Inside The EPOC X travel case



Remove the sleeve, unzip and remove the headset from the case. Contained in the zip pocket located inside the case, you will find: a sample saline bottle, sensor felts, a USB receiver dongle and a USB-C charging cable.


Charge your headset before use

Plug the USB-C cable into the charging port located on the right-side of the headset. Charge until the indicator light on the headset turns green.


Hydrate the sensor felts

To hydrate the sensor felts, place them in a glass then add the saline and soak.Squeeze out excess fluid.


Fitting the sensor felts

Each hydrated sensor felt can be fitted into each sensor arm, by pushing it inside the opening, then making sure it’s secured in place.


Connecting the EPOC X

Plug the USB receiver dongle into your computer, one LED will light. Next press the power button on the headset. The headset should beep and LED next to the power button will turn white. A second LED on the dongle should light and start to flash indicating connection / data transmission.


Headband settings

Fit the headset onto your participant and choose if you want to have the headband at the rear or top of the head. To adjust the headband, hold the arm and push the headband up or down to rotate. It will then lock into place.

When you are rotating the headband, make sure you update the settings in your application so the motion data can be interpreted correctly.


Rehydrating the sensor felts

You do not need to take the headset off to top up saline. To rehydrate the sensor felts use the opening on the top of the sensor and add the saline.

For more help regarding the usage of EMOTIV Epoc X, please consult the manual or contact customer support.

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