Flex Saline Sensor Kit 2.0

Our EPOC Flex Saline Kit combines the flexibility and density of a cap-based EEG system, with the functionality and quick set up of our award-winning EPOC+ headset. It includes the classic saline felt sensors, with an added design element that allows re-saturation of the sensors without having to remove the cap.

Choose from:

  • Saline DIY Kit
  • Saline preset FlexCap

For your convenience, we offer EPOC Flex Saline preconfigured in our most popular cap size 56 cm allowing quicker set up to begin data collection. The pre-configured cap comes with built-in electrodes in the following locations: AFz (DRL), FCz (CMS), Fp1, Fp2,F7, F3, Fz, F4, F8, FT9, FC5, FC1, FC2, FC6, FT10, T7, C3, Cz, C4, T8, CP5, CP1, CP2, CP6, TP9, TP10, P7, P3, Pz, P4, P8, O1, Oz, O2. 

We also provide DIY kits. Select your cap size and configure your sensor positions in the laboratory to suit your needs. Initial set up time is approximately 15-20 minutes.


Learn more about choosing a capsize. Contact support for additional sizes, or cuts suited specifically for Asian heads.

Requires PRO License for use.

Disclaimer – EMOTIV products are intended to be used for research applications and personal use only. Our products are not sold as medical devices — as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Our products are not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.
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