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Designed for Brain Computer Interface (BCI), EMOTIV Insight boasts advanced electronics that are fully optimized to produce clean, robust signals anytime, anywhere.

Emotiv Insight brainwear headset

***Disclaimer - EMOTIV products are intended to be used for research applications and personal use only. Our products are not sold as Medical Devices as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Our products are not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.

Full Support

Raw EEG, Mental Commands, Performance Metrics and Facial Expressions detections are available.

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EMOTIV Insight brainwear headset BrainViz sensors

Whole brain sensing

Insight is the only device in the consumer EEG category that measures activity from all cortical lobes of the brain, providing indepth information that is usually found only in the research devices.

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Revolutionary sensor technology

Insight boasts our proprietary polymer sensor technology that offers great electrical conductivity with minimal setup. The hydrophilic material eliminates the need for extensive preparation or gels, drawing moisture from the environment or from minimal fluid priming.

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Man interacting with game wearing emotiv insight headset BCI Brain Computer Interface

Rethinking Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

Harness the power of your brain with Insight. Connect your mind to the digital world and turn science fiction to reality. EMOTIV Insight is fully supported with an array of data streams* allowing for endless possibilities and applications for BCI. Data streams include raw EEG, Mental Commands, Performance Metrics (stress, engagement, interest, relaxation, focus and excitement), frequency bands, facial expressions and motion data. Control the physical and digital environment via trained mental commands, or create intelligent passive BCIs that respond to your brain activity in real time. For advanced developers looking to create a truly custom BCI, we recommend our Software Development Kit (SDK) platform, Cortex. For all other users, we recommend EmotivBCI and the Node-Red Toolbox.

* software and license are required to access data streams.

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EmotivBCI is our flagship software for Brain Computer Interface, built for Insight and EPOC+ and available free on Mac and Windows.

EmotivBCI lets you train multiple Mental Commands and view your real time Performance Metrics. You can also view the Facial Expression and Motion Sensor data streams from your headset which can augment your BCI application. Your trained profile of mental commands and facial expressions can then be used in any BCI application you create, whether via the Node-Red Toolbox or our SDK.

node red toolbox interface EmotivBCI

Node-Red Toolbox

Create endless BCI integrations. The Node-RED Toolbox for EmotivBCI is a custom library of nodes for Node-RED which enables you to create BCI applications and integrations without the need to program. Connect your EMOTIV headset and profile to your smart home, activate Tweets based on your cognitive state, control a robot with your mind and more!

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Recording sensors
Sensor technology
Refill mechanism
Data quality
Sensor locations
Set up time
14 sensors
Saline soaked felt
5.0 Ready?
3-5 min
EPOC Flex Kit
$1699 +
Up to 32 sensors
Saline only
Version 4.0
15-30 min

Performance and Wellness

Track your brain like you would track your steps using our MyEmotiv app and learn how to reduce stress and improve your focus.


Brain Computer Interface

Connect to our BCI algorithms for Mental Commands and Performance Metrics using EmotivBCI and control machines with the power of your mind.


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