Design research experiments and deploy privately to participants.

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View, record, and export your EEG data securely.

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Post-process your data without exporting your recordings.

Cloud-Based EEG Data Processing

Pro Analyzer is your integrated solution for processing large amounts of EEG data without coding or exporting. Leveraging EMOTIV Cloud, Pro Analyzer rapidly processes EEG data via your chosen pipeline, providing results without compromising your computer’s processing power.

Choose Your Processing Pipeline

Choose a processing pipeline, set your parameters, and let Pro Analyzer process your EEG data for you.

Basic EEG Data Pre-Processing

Re-reference and high-pass filter raw EEG data.

Basic EEG Data Pre-Processing & Transformation

Re-reference and high-pass filter raw EEG data and run FFT to obtain band powers.

Results in Minutes, Not Hours

Don’t let data processing be a bottleneck in your research. Pro Analyzer performs complex data processing in minutes, giving you more time to focus on your findings.

Generate Your Reports

Choose your report pipelines based on the event markers in your EEG data. Once Pro Analyzer has processed your data, download your .csv file for further analysis.