Design research experiments and deploy privately to participants.

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View, record, and export your
EEG data securely.

Post-process your data without exporting your recordings.

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Real-Time Data Acquisition

Monitor brain activity or observe how the brain responds to stimuli, tasks, or interventions in real time whenever you connect your EMOTIV EEG headset to Pro.

Flexible Data Storage

Save all Pro data streams for playback, analysis, or export.  Choose to save your data recordings locally. Or, save them securely to EMOTIV Cloud and access them on any computer that shares your Pro license.

Event Marking

Add markers to specific events or items of interest while you record your data. View your markers during playback so you can draw meaningful conclusions for your research.

D-Lab Integration

We’ve teamed up with Ergoneers, creators of D-Lab, to extend your behavioral research capabilities. Stream data (such as raw EEG data, motion data, performance metrics, and more) from Pro directly to D-Lab and automatically synchronize your EEG data with other data streams. All you need is a Pro Team license and an active D-Lab license.