Record participant data, and then view real time data streams, including raw EEG, performance metrics and motion data. Export data quickly and easily to be analysed using third-party tools.

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Record and store all data streams

Collect and store all data streams from your headset. Easily distinguish between each type in just one click.

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Review your data in real time

Record and review data quickly and easily. Seamlessly switch between different data streams whilst reviewing your data in real time.

Your data in one secure place

Store all recorded data either locally, or securely on the EMOTIV Cloud. Access your data whenever and wherever you want, with the click of a button.

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Additional Features


3rd party integrations

We’ve teamed up with Ergoneers to further extend the research possibilities of our EMOTIV headsets. With some quick configurations, you can stream output (raw EEG, Motion data, Contact Quality, EEG Quality, or Performance Metrics) from EmotivPRO directly to the D-Lab software. All you need is EmotivPRO with a Team license, and your D-Lab software with an active license to make this work. Apply the EMOTIV metrics you’re used to with the exciting research capabilities of D-Lab.

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A comprehensive toolkit for conducting neuroscience research and education. PRO Suite is the end to end solution built for EPOC X, EPOC+, EPOC Flex and Insight.

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