Adaptive assistance for improved well-being and productivity at work

SAP - EMOTIV collaboration
Published on Oct 1, 2018
We are proud to announce a very exciting design exploration with SAP to develop an adaptive user experience (UX) for improved well-being and productivity at work. By pairing EMOTIV’s market-leading mobile neurotechnology with SAP’s award-winning design expertise, we are front-runners in exploring an exciting new era in human-enterprise UX that aims to provide people with a custom view of their work coupled with hands-free interaction when they need it most.
By leveraging real-time analyses of people’s cognitive states, the system can give users helpful feedback about their cognitive load, stress and attention levels. It can also adapt the UX to best fit what the user is able to handle in that moment. Imagine that just by looking at the screen the system can know what interests you most and allow you to interact with that information without a mouse or keyboard. We call this “Focus UX” and believe that it will result in a much more adaptive, personal and natural way of using and interacting with software, thus improving mind wellness and performance in the workplace.
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