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I got my INSIGHT headset! Now what?

We are excited that you have received your EMOTIV Insight! Thank you for your support and patience. Please follow the directions below to get started:

1. Charge your Insight with the included USB charging cable. When it’s fully charged, the charging light should turn green. The on/off indicator light for Insight is a small white LED above and to the left of the EMOTIV logo on the side of the device.

Note: Never let the battery drain all the way.

2. Visit the following sites:

EmotivPRO – View a real-time display of EMOTIV headset data streams including raw EEG, Performance Metrics (0.1Hz), motion data, data packet acquisition and loss, and contact quality. Save recordings to our secure cloud storage and playback or export for analysis. Define and insert timed markers into the data stream, including on-screen buttons and defined serial port events. Markers are stored in the EEG data files and can be viewed in real time and playback modes. Customize and view frequency data for live or recorded data with automatic FFT and power band graphs.

EmotivBCI – The latest EMOTIV Wireless EEG companion software. For use with both the EMOTIV EPOC+ and Insight headsets. Get acquainted with EEG and brain monitoring and learn how to use your EMOTIV wireless EEG headsets and their features. Fit and connect your EEG headset, set baselines (eyes open/eyes closed), monitor and record performance metrics, facial expressions and practice mental commands. Begin self-assessment via this easy to use desktop application.

How to assemble the Insight headset: https://emotiv.gitbook.io/insight-manual/quick-start/setup
User Manual: https://emotiv.gitbook.io/insight-manual/

Updated on 25 Mar 2024

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