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Applications / software for Emotiv’s mobile EEG technology span a variety of use cases including scientific and academic research, advertising and media, education and training, mobility, defense, communication, automotive and IoT (internet of Things) development.

We provide a wide range of software and SDKs that will help facilitate and advance BCI (Brain Computer Interface) programs and expand the universe of available applications.

Need access to raw EEG data? Add Pure.EEG

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Pure•EEG provides real-time display of the EPOC/+ & Insight headset data stream, including raw EEG data from 14 channels, FFT, gyro, wireless packet acquisition/loss display, marker events, headset battery level.

EMOTIV Omniscience

Coming Soon! Omniscience will provide brand marketers, media & advertising agencies, and researchers an easy to use platform to conduct crowd sourced EEG research. It also combines face tracking analysis tools to compliment the  EEG research applications.

EMOTIV 3D Brain Map

Display, record, import and play back key brainwave bands with Custom band definition, record and play back sessions, 3D surface models for each band. EEG and FFT View.

Self Assessment and Training

EMOTIV Control Panel

Get to know your Emotiv EEG headsets. Xavier Control Panel provides users with access to each of the detection suites available: Facial expressions , Performance Metrics, Mental Commands.

EMOTIV Brain Visualizer

Displays a real-time 3D visualization of brain activity across the four major brainwave frequency bands (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta). Auto-intensity and adjustable intensity sliders allows you to see detailed information and relative strengths between different brain regions. Please note that an Emotiv headset enabled for raw EEG data is required.


A companion app to the EMOTIV Insight and EPOC+ that allows you to track your brain fitness over 6 metrics. Use this app to record your brain during everyday activities and learn how to optimize brain performance. Strengthen focus, manage stress levels, and learn ways to improve brain fitness.

Mental commands

Mind Drone

Control an AR.DRONE 2.0 with your Mind. Let it fly with cognitiv thoughts, facial expressions, Gyroscope via the Emotiv Epoc or by Keyboard like a helicopter in GTA.


A game that requires you to use the power of your mind against your opponent. To play the game, you must first train your mind to shoot fireballs using the Emotiv PUSH command. This game supports single and dual player modes.


Emobot is an incredibly cute robot that responds and mimics your head movements and facial expressions: blinking, left & right winks, looking left and right, smiling, smirking and clenching your teeth.