Knowledge is power

Your brain is the center of your experiences and abilities. Whether you are an individual bio-hacker or an employer wanting to improve the workplace, understanding how the brain responds to daily life can increase personal and professional productivity and wellness.

A wearable for your brain

EMOTIV’s wearable EEG devices make brain data accessible for everyday use and self-quantification. Track your brain throughout your day like you would track your steps and optimize your cognitive potential.

Track and optimize

EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics measure your brain’s cognitive and emotional states and give you objective feedback on your brain state in the moment and over time. Improve focus, reduce stress or deepen a meditation practice with valuable insights about your own mind.

Singapore Tourism

Singapore Tourism tracks a family’s emotional and cognitive states with MyEmotiv as they travel through Singapore. Signature tourist hotspots generated the happiest emotions, whilst the ArtScience Museum generated strong interest in children.

Sport science

EMOTIV Insight is used to track NFL quarterback Paxton Lynch’s brain activity and levels of focus under a Sport Science pressure test.

Recommended hardware

We recommend the Insight for everyday brain tracking. With award-winning design, the minimalist form factor and hydrophilic polymer sensors, the Insight is sleek and easy to use.

Recommended software

View, record and tag your brain’s cognitive states as you go about your daily life. Track progress over time and compare your results with the EMOTIV community. Learn more

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