Fly AR.DRONE 2.0 with your mind, facial or head movements or by keyboard.

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Control an AR.DRONE 2.0 with your Mind. Let it fly with cognitiv thoughts, facial expressions, Gyroscope or by Keyboard like a helicopter in GTA. (AR.DRONE
It’s magic!
See a demo video here:
MindDrone allows you to control an AR.Drone 2.0 from Parrot ( with your Keyboard or Emotiv EPOC. You can let it fly just with your thoughts. Connect to AR.Drones WLAN before you start the app. MindDrone includes four different control modi for your drone:
1. Keyboard:
You can control the drone with the keys “Q, W, E, A, S, D, PageUp and PageDown”. The keyboard control is very intuitive and works even more precise, than the Smartphone control with AR.FreeFlight. You played a game of the GTA series and flew a helicopter in that game? Then you are already familiar with the keyboard control. You can fly the drone in the same way as a GTA helicopter. But please keep in mind: This is reality!
2. Cognitiv Suite:
Use the power of your brain. The drone moves in the same way, as the cube in EMOTIV Xavier Control Panel. Of course you can configure this control mode and map your preferred cognitiv thoughts to the drone actions you like. You can also combine this control mode with Expressiv Suite and/or EPOC+/Insight Gyroscope.
3. Expressiv Suite:
Use facial expressions for sending special commands to your drone. For example Take off, Landing or Recording video. You can also move AR.Drone with your eyes. Example: Look to the left and your drone turns left. Look to the right and it turns right. Raise your eyebrows and the drone flies up. Lower it and it flies down. The expressiv commands are also fully configurable.
4. Gyroscope:
Move your head and the drone moves. Move your head left (or right) and it turns left (or right). Move your head forward (or backward) and the drone starts to fly forward (or backward).
If you want to use Cognitiv, Expressiv or Gyro control, ensure that EPOC Control Panel is started, before activating these control modes. The Keyboard control is always activated and overwrites other control modes.  If Cognitiv, Expressiv or Gyro control doesn’t work the way you want, you can interfere the drone movement with keyboard. So please make sure you are familiar with keyboard control, before activating other control modes. Cognitiv, Expressiv and Gyro control can be activated and configured via the configuration window.
Video recording is supported. Therefore FFMPEG library is needed. Due to licensing reasons, that library cannot be included directly. You have to download FFMPEG from “”. Unzip this file, go to the subfolder “bin” and copy the files “ffmpeg.exe”, “ffplay.exe” and “ffprobe.exe” to the application folder of MindDrone. If you have recorded a video and close the application, FFMPEG is executed automatically, to encode a videofile of your flight. Ensure that your Windows user has write priviliges to MindDrone’s application folder.
AR.Drone 2.0, Microsoft Windows, WLAN, .NET Framework 4 or higher.
AR.DRONE 2.0 not included
Ensure you are good enough in controlling the cube in EPOCs Control Panel, before using the Cognitiv drone control. Please check also the Expressiv recognition, before using Expressiv Drone control. When using Cognitiv, Expressiv or Gyro Drone control for the first time, you should fly your drone in a free wide area, to get familiar with the different control modi. Interfere unexpected drone behaviour with keyboard. Make sure that the MindDrone window keeps in focus, when the Drone is flying. Pressing keyboard keys will only be recognized, when MindDrone’s window is in focus.


You always fly at your own risk. Any liability for accidents with the drone excluded.


This app uses C# AR.Drone 2.0 controlling library by RUSLAN-B ( Ruslans great work was important to make MindDrone possible.
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