EMOTIV BCI API- Royalty free until you make a million dollars

We love our EMOTIV Community of Developers and we always not only hear them but learn so much from them. In order to  support our Developers, we have decided to  increase the royalty-free limit for our EMOTIV BCI API, making it easier and more open to create and share new applications! 

Developers using the EMOTIV BCI API can now distribute their applications across the Developer Community royalty-free up to 10,000 EmotivIDs or $1M revenue. If you don’t reach this cap, your applications will be royalty-free forever!

When you reach the 10,000 EmotivID mark, or $1M revenue limit (whichever comes first), a 20% royalty on anything over the limit is payable to EMOTIV on gross revenue generated by your app.

Join developers worldwide to build the next generation of applications leveraging BCI for meditation, VR, AR, and gaming today.

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