Introducing PRO-Lite

We are incredibly excited to launch PRO-Lite, our FREE offering of the PRO suite. PRO-Lite will replace our current 15-Day free trial with a LIFETIME free model.

With PRO-Lite you get:

  • Free, lifetime access to EmotivPRO on 1 device (max 5 recordings limit)
  • Ability to view and playback all data streams in real-time: Raw EEG, Low-resolution Performance Metrics, Motion data and Frequency and Band power analysis. PRO-Lite does not support data import/export.

Accessing PRO-Lite:

Get access to PRO Lite and other free applications via Emotiv App. EMOTIVApp is our single, centralized installer for all EMOTIV applications. 

Upgrading your subscription from  Pro-Lite (Free) to Student, Academic, or Business  (Paid subscription)

You can upgrade your Pro-Lite subscription to a premium (paid subscription) at any time by:

  • clicking the ‘Upgrade’ button on the initial display screen on PRO-Lite screen
  • accessing your Account section at Settings>Account within PRO Lite
  • Upgrading via Emotiv App Account management
  • on our website by contacting our Support team.

Downgrading your subscription from Student, Academic, or Business (Paid subscription) to Pro-Lite (Free)

You will be automatically downgraded to PRO-Lite once your subscription expires or if you cancel your subscription. If you chose Data Opt-In during the recordings, you will be able to regain access to them by resubscribing to the premium (paid) license.  Data recorded while on a premium (paid) license will be locked from Pro-Lite and you will not be able to access it. We recommend that you backup your data on your local drive before cancelling or downgrading. If you chose Data Opt-Out, there was no data transferred to our cloud to begin with. 

Your Data

Your data will be stored securely in our EMOTIV cloud if you have selected data opt-in. When you re-subscribe or upgrade your plan, you will regain access to all premium recordings

Learn more about the benefits of our Cloud storage- including GDPR compliance,  data encryption, and convenient storage for sharing across team members and labs at


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To learn more about our recent improvements and added features to EmotivPRO- including Data Opt-Out, new pricing tiers for Students, and EmotivPro 2.0, please visit:


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.