PRO License Updates – New Features and Licensing Options

We’ve introduced a new Opt-Out feature in EmotivPRO that enables you to choose between local or online data storage. With ‘opt-out’, you can store your EEG recording data ONLY on your local machine. Or, with online data storage, the EMOTIV Cloud provides unlimited storage to secure, encrypt, and easily access or share your data amongst your team and machines. Learn more about the EMOTIV Cloud and how we secure shared data by clicking here.

As mentioned in our earlier newsletter, we are very excited to announce the launch of PRO Student, PRO Academic, PRO Academic Plus, PRO Business and PRO Business Plus to tailor PRO to your unique use cases and needs. Our Student tier provides the best features of EmotivPRO to our PhD users at a much affordable price point. The Academic product line is created to serve all our non-commercial partners, research, and government users. The Business line has been designed with our enterprise customers and their use cases in mind. The ‘Plus’ options enable access to create, view and playback our custom Performance Metrics in high-resolution. Click here to see tiers of PRO available