Nat Geo Explorers: Tan Le

Tan Le creates innovations that expand and improve the way our brains are studied and understood. She co-founded Emotiv Lifesciences to advance EEG technology, broaden participation in brain research, and create a new worldwide platform for sharing data.

Tan Le wants us to put our heads together and transform brain research. Her ideas and innovations may help detect brain problems earlier, enable better learning, and accelerate research to unlock new treatments for neurological disorders. The company she co-founded, Emotiv Lifesciences, pioneers first-of-its-kind portable EEG technology, a new brain-computer interface, and a platform for sharing crucial brain data globally.

“Neurological impairments like depression, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injuries, and the effects of stroke will probably touch someone you care about,” Le says. “But despite technologies that have allowed us to image, measure, and observe the brain for many decades, we haven’t made a big dent in understanding it.”

Le says to ramp up that understanding, the more brains the better. “I want to empower as many people as possible to participate in brain research by making it easier and more affordable. Instead of limiting research to institutions that can afford hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in imaging machines, I want to democratize brain research through accessible technology that fosters innovation at the grassroots level.”


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