A step forward in the quest for a mobile EEG-designed epoch for psychophysiological studies

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We’re excited to share the work from Sebastián A. Balart-Sánchez, Hugo Vélez-Pérez, Sergio Rivera-Tello, Fabiola R. Gómez Velázquez, Andrés A. González-Garrido, and Rebeca Romo-Vázquez from the CUCBA – Institute of Neurosciences and Departamento de Ciencias Computacionales who recently published “A step forward in the quest for a mobile EEG-designed epoch for psychophysiological studies”.

The aim of this study was to compare a reconfigurable mobile electroencephalography (EEG) system (M-EMOTIV), based on the Emotiv Epoc® (which has the ability to record up to 14 electrode sites in the 10/20 International System), and a commercial, clinical-grade EEG system (Neuronic MEDICID-05®), and then validate the rationale and accuracy of recordings obtained with the prototype proposed. In this approach, an Emotiv Epoc® was modified to enable it to record in the parieto-central area. All subjects (15 healthy individuals) performed a visual oddball task while connected to both devices to obtain electrophysiological data and behavioral responses for comparative analysis. A Pearson’s correlation analysis revealed a good between-devices correlation with respect to electrophysiological measures.

The present study not only corroborates previous reports on the ability of the Emotiv Epoc® to suitably record EEG data, but also presents an alternative device that allows the study of a wide range of psychophysiological experiments, with simultaneous behavioral and mobile EEG recordings.

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