Introducing the companion app to our EMOTIV INSIGHT and EPOC+ wearable EEG headsets

Don’t just look at your brain, look after it

MyEMOTIV takes the complexity out of reading and interpreting your brain waves, so you can easily measure your mental performance and fitness.

Our Performance Metrics provide real time detection of cognitive and emotional states, so you can get valuable insights from your EEG right away.

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Track and Optimize your Brain Performance

Icon 1Capture, save and playback recordings of your brain activity

Measure six key cognitive and emotional metrics: focus, stress, excitement, relaxation, interest and engagement

Explore your brain’s activity patterns in real time with our popular 3D BrainViz viewer

Compare your results to previous sessions and the Emotiv community

Get recommendations on activities you can do in daily life to improve your focus and manage your stress

Get to know your Brain

MyEMOTIV allows you to capture brain activity over 6 Key Cognitive and Emotional Metrics

Interest measures how much you like or dislike something.
Excitement captures your level of emotional arousal.
Engagement measures how immersed you are in what you are doing or experiencing.
Focus is your ability to concentrate on one task and ignore distractions.
Stress measures how comfortable you are with the current challenge you are facing.
Relaxation is your ability to switch off and reach a calm mental state.
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Improve your Brain Fitness

Understanding how your brain responds to everyday activities is the first step in optimizing your brain’s performance and well-being.

Learn what time of day you are most focused or what activities make you the most relaxed. Or try one of our recommended strategies for managing stress or improving focus and see how it works for you.

Your results can be compared over time and with other members of the EMOTIV community to better understand your own brain.

Open Your Mind…

An increased awareness of how your brain responds emotionally and cognitively to different activities can help you make more informed decisions in your daily life that improve your productivity and long term well-being.

MyEMOTIV is compatible with INSIGHT and EPOC+ headsets and iOS 9.0 and higher. Recommended devices: iPhone 5 and above, iPod Touch 6.

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Backed by Science

EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics have been developed and tested on rigorous scientific methods. For each Metric we designed experiments based on validated methods to evoke a range of responses and collected data from many volunteer subjects. The subjects wore EMOTIV headsets as well as heart, respiration and skin conductance measures, they were observed by a trained psychologist and self-assessed at the end of each experiment. Each Metric was quantified on the basis of the non-EEG measures as a target state. The data was passed to our signal processing and machine learning pipeline which was used to develop the mathematical models behind each Metric. Many of EMOTIV’s Metrics have been independently assessed in peer-reviewed publications.