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Automatic detection of EEG artefacts arising from head movements using EEG and gyroscope signals

Simon O’Reganc, Stephen Faul, William Marianne. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland   Abstract Contamination of EEG signals by artefacts arising from head movements has been a serious obstacle in the deployment of automatic neurological event detection systems in ambulatory EEG. In this paper, we...

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Engaging the Brain

Panos Mavros, Richard Coyne, Jennifer Roe, Peter Aspinall. The University of Edinburgh Abstract We canvas issues in using neural imaging via EEG (electroencephalography) to map human responses to spaces. We describe the technology, some experiments by others relevant to architecture, and two of our own studies. One involves testing EEG as...

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Evaluation of SSVEP as passive feedback for improving the performance of Brain Machine Interfaces

Shaocheng Wang, Ehsan Tarkesh Esfahani, Sundararajan V. University of California Riverside   Abstract Research in brain-computer interfaces have focused primarily on motor imagery tasks such as those involving movement of a cursor or other objects on a computer screen. In such applications, it is important to detect when the user is interested in moving an...

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Development of a Mobile EEG-Based Feature Extraction and Classification System for Biometric Authentication

Juris Kļonovs, Christoffer Kjeldgaard Petersen. Aalborg University Copenhagen Abstract The aim of this work is to investigate the possibilities to build a mobile biometric authentication system based on electroencephalogram (EEG). The objectives of this work include the investigation and identification of the most feasible feature extraction techniques and how these features can be used for authentication...

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