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Towards the bio-personalization of music recommendation systems: A single-sensor EEG biomarker of subjective music preference

Dimitrios A. Adamosa, Stavros I. Dimitriadisb, Nikolaos A. Laskarisb.  School of Music Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124 Thessaloniki, Greece Abstract Recent advances in biosensors technology and mobile EEG (electroencephalographic) interfaces have opened new application fields for cognitive monitoring. A computable biomarker for...

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Nat Geo: This Is Your Brain on Nature

When we get closer to nature—be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree—we do our overstressed brains a favor. WHEN YOU HEAD OUT to the desert, David Strayer is the kind of man you want behind the wheel. He never texts or talks on the phone...

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Nat Geo Explorers: Tan Le

Tan Le creates innovations that expand and improve the way our brains are studied and understood. She co-founded Emotiv Lifesciences to advance EEG technology, broaden participation in brain research, and create a new worldwide platform for sharing data. Tan Le wants us to put our heads...

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Fast Company: Chicago Ideas Week

Our brains are our body's most adaptive, powerful organ—and the least understood. With a new, mass-market technology, Emotiv, Tan Le aims to explore how our brains function in settings beyond the clinical. Le sits down with Chuck Salter to discuss the way our brains react...

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Introducing Neuroberry, a platform for pervasive EEG signaling in the IoT domain

5th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - "Transforming healthcare through innovations in mobile and wireless technologies", At London, Great Britain. Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Nicola Conci, Giorgos Bamparopoulos, Panagiotis D Bamidis   Abstract The emergence of inexpensive off-the-shelf wireless EEG (electroencephalography) devices led researchers to explore novel paradigms in the...

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Using Wireless EEG Signals to Assess Memory Workload in the n-Back Task

Human-Machine Systems, IEEE, 2015   Abstract Assessment of mental workload using physiological measures, especially EEG (electroencephalography) signals, is an active area. Recently, a number of wireless acquisition systems to measure EEG and other physiological signals have become available. Few studies have applied such wireless systems to assess cognitive workload and...

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