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World First Brain Drone Race

An interesting test of one's cognitive ability and mental endurance requiring competitors to 'out-focus' an opponent in a drone drag race fueled by electrical signals emitted from the brain.     Wearable EEG systems have incredible potential for so many applications and the data we acquire is crucial...

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A Fitbit for the brain is around the corner

By Betsy Isaacson at Newsweek   Every time you blink, think or move, your brain generates electricity as individual neurons in the skull transmit information needed to make it happen. If we could detect the electrical signals produced by individual neurons, we could, in theory, read a...

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This Technology May Eliminate Student Daydreaming

By Feral Bell Abstract There are few things more frustrating for a teacher than seeing their students switch off during class. The time and energy spent checking whether children are actively listening or whether they have drifted off could certainly be better used elsewhere. Enter Emotiv, a US...

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