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What is Cognitive Efficiency in Contour?

Cognitive Efficiency is a composite metric which is a combination of Attention, Cognitive Load and Cognitive Stress. It is a measure of the mental resources you have recruited in order to achieve your current “most important” task, and whether your mental efforts are focused, or spread across many competing activities. We show the Cognitive Efficiency chart in Contour application. Through this chart, you’re able to see how your cognitive states change throughout the day, while doing different activities. These Cognitive Efficiency metrics are:

  • Intense
  • Optimal
  • Moderate
  • Disengaged

Cognitive Efficiency is Optimal when you have moderately high to high Attention, mid-range Cognitive Stress and average to moderately high Cognitive Load.

Intense state is characterised by high Attention, high Cognitive Load and medium to moderately high Cognitive Stress. This state can be sustained for a while but becomes very fatiguing, whereas people can typically stay in Optimal state for much longer periods.

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