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How to obtain good contact quality with MN8?

Here is how to fit your MN8. To ensure comfort and optimal contact quality while using MN8, you can also try the following steps.

  1. Change the reference sensors: In the sensor pack, we provided a pair of brush sensors to help make the device more comfortable to wear. To change the brush sensors, please follow the instructions in Step 7 of the quick start guide or this instruction video.
  2. Change the earbuds
    • MN8 is fitted with medium-sized earbuds at the time of shipping. Two additional sizes (small and large) are included in the accessories. Due to the sensitive nature of EEG measurements, the ear buds should feel very snug in your ear.
    • To change the earbuds, please refer to this article.

If you are not able to have optimal contact quality with MN8, please contact support.

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