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How to adjust INSIGHT reference sensors for good signals?

Please adjust the Reference arm (behind the ear). You may need to bend, twist or move the arm in or out (small S-bend in the arm – eg bend inwards from the top, then bend outwards from slightly lower, to move the sensors towards the head). The aim is to have the surface of the arm parallel to the skin around the region where the sensors are located, and the sensors themselves should be perpendicular to the skin. It’s likely that the reference arm is a little tilted or twisted away so that CMS (lower reference sensor) is not making contact as well as DRL.

Please make sure there is no wet connection between the two reference sensors. Applying excess fluid may leave a residue on the surface of the arm, between the two sensors. This may short out the noise cancellation system: Contact Quality (CQ) seems good but Signal Quality (EQ) is bad.

Make sure to wipe away any excess fluid between the two reference sensors. You need hardly any fluid on the sensors – just a small swipe to displace any contamination from the surface and to start with a slightly wet electrical contact surface every time. It may also help to wipe off any fluid from the mastoid area behind your left ear, where the two sensors make contact. If the skin between the two references is wet and oily, it may also short out the noise cancellation.

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