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How does X-trodes EEG patches correspond with the 10-20 EEG system?

The frontal EEG montage contains the frontal AF7, Fp1, Fp2, and AF8 channels; electrodes for eye movement tracking E1, E2; and temporal electrodes L1, T9, and L5 on the left side, and R1, T10, and R5 on the right side. The ground of the EEG montage can be located on Fpz or the nose bridge. The Posterior EEG montage includes the frontal EEG channels AF7 and AF8 and eight temporal electrodes corresponding to the channels T9, L1, L4, and L5 on the left and T10, R1, R4, and R5 on the right. Its ground is located on the back of the neck. The demo montage contains the Fp1 and Fp2 channels, while the ground is situated on the Fpz area.

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