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Gel Solution for EPOC FLEX Gel

Any EEG or ECG contact gels can be used. The gel must be electrically conductive, preferably with a saline component. Some gels are better suited because of their viscosity or the EEG application for example in sleep studies it is important to use a gel that takes a long time to dry out. We have made a list of recommended products for gel below for your reference.

SuperVisc (clear, high-viscosity, salty)
Lectron III-10(clear, medium-viscosity, salty)
Abralyt HiCl(Abrasive, high-viscosity, salty)
Abralyt 2000(Abrasive, high-viscosity, non-salty)
Ten20 (Opaque, high-viscosity, salty)
Nuprep Gel (Abrasive, high viscosity, non-salty)

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