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How safe is the wireless on EPOC+?

The wireless chipset we use is a super low power 2.4GHz system, the same band used by WiFi and Bluetooth. We designed the system to achieve the lowest possible radio power to prolong battery life and ensure user safety. The transmitted power is very low and the transmitter is on the outer surface of the main electronics boards. We calculated that the radio frequency exposure from wearing the EPOC continuously for six months is about the same as you would receive from a 30 second call on a standard cell phone.

So, because it’s low power a small amount of interference can easily take it down.  Culprits in this case are wireless routers or more likely wireless adapters, hard drives, monitors, stuff like that, once again, electronic or magnetic interference.

So what we do in this case is that you will need to purchase a USB extender to bring the dongle away for the interference and closer to the headset. Other reasons for a bad connection could be the wrong control panel, sometimes the free control panel.

Sometimes we can experience electronic and or magnetic interference but only between the headset and the dongle. This is easily remedied by using a USB extender. We have working headsets in many busy noisy labs and universities with plenty of additional systems running without issue.
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