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Does EMOTIV offer EEG Headsets?

EMOTIV offers three different EEG Headsets. Reviews of EMOTIV’s Brainwear have shown it to be cost-effective. EMOTIV’s solutions have been validated in peer-reviewed scientific, medical and clinical studies and publications for neuroscience, workplace wellness and safety, stress, cognitive performance, neuromarketing, and brain-controlled technology applications.

The award-winning EMOTIV EPOC+ EEG headset provides professional-grade brain data for academic research within biometrics research and commercial use. The EMOTIV Insight headset boasts minimal set-up time and electronics optimized to produce clean signals from anywhere, making it ideal for performance and wellness tracking. The EMOTIV EPOC FLEX cap offers high-density coverage and up to 32 move-able electroencephalogram sensors optimal for research professionals.

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