Functional State Assessment of an Athlete by Means of the Brain-Computer Interface Multimodal Metrics

Vasilii Borisov, Alexey Syskov, Vladimir Kublanov Abstract The estimation in real time of the functional and mental state level for the athlete during the loads is essential for management of the training process. New multimodal metric, obtained by means of the brain-computer interface (BCI), is proposed. The paper discusses the results of the joint usage of data from EMOTIV EPOC+ mobile wireless headset. It includes motion sensors (accelerometer) and EEG channels. The features of the EMOTIV EPOC+ interface allow to record the deviation of the head from the body axis, which provides an additional channel of information about the physical and mental (psycho-emotional) state of the athlete. Based on this data a new multimodal metric is calculated. Approbation of the metric was performed for functional stress studies on group of 10 volunteer subjects, including evaluations of the TOVA-test and the hyperventilation load. The joint application of different signals modalities allows to obtain estimates level of attention for these functional studies.   Access Paper Here

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