Cognitive, physical, and mental health outcomes between long-term cannabis and tobacco users

M.E.Lovell, R.Bruno, J.Johnston, A.Matthews, I.McGregor, D.J.Allsop, N.Lintzeris  


  Cannabis intoxication adversely affects health, yet persistent effects following short-term abstinence in long-term cannabis users are unclear. This matched-subjects, cross-sectional study compared health outcomes of long-term cannabis and long-term tobacco-only users, relative to population norms.   Highlights
  • We examined health outcomes of long-term cannabis users and long-term tobacco users.
  • Cannabis users had poorer learning and memory than tobacco users.
  • Cannabis users had slower reaction time on some tasks than tobacco users.
  • Tobacco users reported poorer physical and mental health than cannabis users.
  • Tobacco should be controlled in research investigating cannabis health outcomes.
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