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    Tabeyev Nail

    How can I connect to Xavier Composer from example projects?
    If I start Composer and then start EmoStateLogger (or any other projects) with engine.RemoteConnect("", 1726) nothing happens.
    breakpoints on: while (EdkDll.IEE_EngineGetNextEvent(hEvent) == EdkDll.EDK_OK)
    every time give a EdkDll.EDK_NO_EVENT

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    Kirsten Schlesiger


    I got a similar problem in JAVA today. I tried to connect to Emotiv Control Panel from example projects as described as follows:

    Emotiv Control Panel can act as a proxy for either the real, headset-integrated EmoEngine or EmoComposer. Control Panel listens on port 3008 so an application that wishes to connect to Control Panel must call IEE_EngineRemoteConnect(“”, 3008). => I did that.

    The connection using Edk.INSTANCE.IEE_EngineRemoteConnect("", composerPort,"Emotiv Systems-5") with composerPort 3008 worked, but as mentioned in the post before I always get EDK_NO_EVENT(0x0600).

    But Emotiv Control Panel is connected to the Headset und shows the Events (e.g. Facial Expressions). But this data seems not to be forwarded to the example application (e.g. EmoStateLogger).

    Help would be fine. Thanks

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