where can I download Emokey and EmoComposer

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    Zhen Wang

    I cannot find the software!!

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    Zhen Wang

    I cannot find Emokey and EmoComposer in the store,help!!!!
    where can I download them?? 😥 😥

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    this is abdullah fr om pakistan
    i imported insight from emotiv with eeg facilities
    the problems are following
    1) i did not get any specific software for insight like xavier test bench , wh ere i can get eeg waves from my brain. last year with epoc i got software and its key in my account but this time i did not get any thing to configure it althought i paid for it separately 300$ for EEG.
    2) electrode pz is not connecting
    so plz rply quick

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    EmoKey and EmoComposer are part of the standard SDK package which you can download from our github repository. Please see the links at the left side of this page (under Community tab). Contact support if you have any issues.

    If you bought an Insight EEG model and did not receive Testbench, please contact support. It should be available in your Downloads section. We are testing a new release of Testbench, it may not be uploaded to your account yet. You can use the EEGViewer browser application if you want to check out the EEG signals. Links are available from the Kickstarter Backer page (you don’t need to be a backer to access the links).

    Pz sensor needs to be in close contact with the scalp. You may need to work it through the hair and possible part the hair a little so it gets closer to the skin. Even without direct skin contact it should start to make contact through perspiration after a short while. You can shortcut the contact process by putting a small drop of saline or contact lens solution directly onto the hair under the sensor. Please also check out our FAQ / Knowledge Base articles (follow the Support link above to get to the page links)

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    Of course he missed the fact that Emotiv has probably the worst Customer Service on the planet. I purchased one two weeks ago and the unit did not work. After getting an RMA number and returning the item, the company has not responded to my many inquiries. As of the last two days, the Emotiv website is even down. This doesn’t seem to be an uncommon event. I have read reviews and discussion on social networks very similar. I’m not convinced that Emotiv is interested in selling this device to the consumer.

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    Seems a bit of a harsh review! I will look into your problem. Can you give me a support ticket number please?
    In response to your ‘review’, your complaint does not seem to have anything to do with the topic of this thread. The user was asking for the location of our SDK and software tools – which are available for free on our github site at
    The other question was about a connection issue with one of the sensors – this is not a hardware fault, it just requires some attention during setup

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