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    Thomas Temme


    I’m trying the newest community-sdk with the python samples on a Raspberry Pi. Has anybody of you got the EPOC running on a Raspberry Pi, yet?
    When running for example the the call `libEDK = CDLL(libPath)’ crashes with “Illegal Instruction”.
    The libPath references to the “” within “bin/armhf/”.

    Has anybody an idea why this is happening? No difference if I’m using Python 2 or 3. I’m using Raspberry Pi Model B.

    Many Thanks in advance,

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    Dinh Duong Ha

    Hi Thomas,
    We only support Raspberry Pi 2 or above (which supports hard-floats).

    Dinh Ha

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    Tejwani Krishna

    I am also trying to interface emotiv epoc+ with raspberry pi and i have successfully collected RAW data from EPOC on raspberry pi but i am unable to process that data like i want to get the alpha, theta and other waves from the signal and want to process this data like we are doing in emotiv control panel to give commands to app and i want to work with GPIO pins also.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

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    Community SDK has API calls available to get bandpower information from each sensor. You can also use Emotiv Mental Commands through API calls. Check out the examples

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    jugade sanket

    Does the research edition SDK of Emotiv Insight provides access to raw EEG data on raspberry pi?? If not then how to get the raw eeg data on RPi ?

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      Tejwani Krishna

      Hi, Jugade Sanket
      I had used Emotiv Community-SDK to get RAW EEG data on screen.

      Tejwani Krishna M

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      I have a question and wondering if you can help..
      What is the code that I can use to convert facial expressions or mental commands to actions on RPi??
      Please I asked every one but no one replied šŸ™

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    Choudhari AjitM

    Krishna Tejwani, Hello
    could you share your know how to connect raspberry pi to emotive headset, i am also working on it

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    Tejwani Krishna

    Hi, Choudhari Ajit M
    Clone This Github repository to your raspberry pi and connect your Emotiv Bluetooth device with RPi.

    Tejwani Krishna M

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    Choudhari AjitM

    Thanks Krishna for your help, i will try

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