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    Sobhi Karim

    Hello EMOTIV community,

    I am working on making a brain controlled wheelchair and I ordered an Insight headset. I am still waiting for it.
    While waiting for it to arrive, I wanted to get familiar with the softwares, namely Xavier Control Panel, Emokey, Mind Your OSCs. I am bit confused what each and every software does. Can someone please explain to me what each software does?



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    Sobhi Karim

    Another question, can these softwares communicate with each other? Can they share data?

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    Tien Phan

    Hi Sobhi

    You can take a look at software manual for detail features and instructions.

    Shortly, Control Panel will help go through almost every feature of Emotiv headset. From sensor contact quality, battery status, facial detection, performance metric (emotional detection), mental command, motion sensor. You can forward these detection to key press simulation by connecting Control Panel to Emokey.

    Mind Your OSCs is a software to control music using your mind.

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