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    Moody AdrianJeremy

    Hi Community,

    Music Without Barriers a non-profit organization who is working with the Emotive Insight to create Brain-Computer Instruments for music creation. I was all excited to get our Insight all setup, but I’m having a lot of challenges getting a signal on my Mac. Mainly, I can’t install the control software. I can download it without any problems, the download verifies upon installation, but about 80% into the installation, I receive the following error:
    “The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the manufacturer for assistance.” Has anyone encountered this? IS there a workaround? To exasperate things, I’m unable to find any Mac software to pair my device, since I am having no luck with the Xavier control panel. I hear about the Emokey and several other apps bundled in the SDK, but the SDK will not download completely from GitHub and I’m essentially at a loss at how to make the initial leap from brain to computer. My simple goal right now is to map a signal to a keyboard key or OSC signal. If anyone can help achieve this, it would be most appreciated.

    To clarify for anyone that’s interested in troubleshooting, here’s a categorized list of issues / steps I’ve taken as of Feb 07 2017; any input or help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

    MacBook Pro LATE 2011 (Bluetooth LMI 0x4)
    Newer EMOTIV Insight
    Emotiv Bluetooth Dongle (should make up for the lack of 0x6 LMI)
    MAC OSX 10.12.1 AND Mac OSX 8.5.1


    EMOTIV INSIGHT –> iPhone 5s through MyEmotiv App
    This has been successful and I’m able to confirm that the headset pairs with devices and sensors work. YAY!


    EMOTIV INSGIHT –> MacBook Pro (SIERRA 10.12.1 and LION 8.5.1)
    Simply, I can’t download or install the control panel. The USB dongle is blinking with both lights once I turn on the device, so I assume that it’s connecting. I can only make the further assumption that the hardware is fine but the software is the issue.

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