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    I was recently introduced to this technology. I am quite interested in its application to improving mental performance. I believe neurofeedback is the term I’m interested in. Can someone direct me to a body of research or source of information?

    Is the science/technology at a point in time where biofeedback can provide direction on ways to improve cognitive performance?
    What types of applications have been produced in this space?

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    Right now there are quite a few ways to use our technology for neurofeedback, including existing applications such as Neuroprogrammer 3 and Mind Workstation, 3rd party apps linked from our store (these work with EPOC and EPOC+ only at this stage). EPOC+ and Insight work with companion apps on mobile devices and the same apps work on desktop with EPOC as well. These apps monitor your mental performance during many different tasks and provide reports and graphs of performance. This is not exactly neurofeedback yet, but that is coming. Another third party app, Mindala, works with EPOC and EPOC+ for meditation training. We have an app in development for this purpose.
    There is quite a body of work around EEG neurofeedback. In fact FDA recently approved several clinical EEG systems for use in treatment of ADHD. There are many studies showing efficacy of EEG feedback in treating PTSD, anxiety and depressive conditions. If you need help finding references, let me know. Check our Publications list on this website. We co-authored a journal article on the physiological effects of meditation with Scripps Translational Science Institute and the Chopra Center

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    A few days ago I read a very interesting and informative article. It helped me find answers to all my questions and I hope this article helps you too 😉 🙂
    ‘The beginning of every New Year is a time to reflect on the past year and set new goals. It’s easiest during first two months of the year to try to maintain those goals, whether they are to lose weight, be more organized, get a new job, decrease your debt, work out more faithfully, or spend more family time.
    Sometimes, as the new year progresses, our motivation to continue with goals often fades and we fall back into the same habits we vowed to discontinue. There are many reasons why our motivation fades and we find it increasingly difficult to achieve goals. One reason is that we just get busy with our day to day life. Taking care of ourselves ends up as the last priority on that list of things to do each day.
    According to, ‘a 2007 study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3000 people showed that 88% of those who set new year resolutions fail.’
    Neurofeedback is a non-invasive way to teach people to regulate their own brain wave patterns. This is done in a comfortable office setting with sensors connected to the scalp and a computer system. The game or pictures progressing on the screen teach the client to regulate their brain wave patterns, producing calm, alert and focused states. Eventually, they are then able to produce these patterns without the computer’s assistance.
    Often times people feel that in order to see a therapist for Neurofeedback, there has to be a clinical disorder. This is not the case and more and more are finding that participating in Neurofeedback is a way to maximize one’s peak mental performance. According to Robert W. Hill and Eduardo Castro MD, authors of Healing Young Brains (2009), ‘peak performance’ is a way to make a functional individual perform at a higher level. We all want to perform at our best and maximize our focus and concentration.
    If your brain has too many slow frequency wave patterns, it can be sluggish. If your brain has too many high frequency wave patterns it can lack focus. Of course, general rules for self-care also increase your success to perform your best. Get a good night’s rest, make healthy food choices most of the time, exercise 30 minutes a day five times a week, relax and have fun some of the time! In addition to this,
    Neurofeedback can give you that push you need to function even better. In the spirit of maximizing positive growth and personal development, many athletes, professionals, and CEO’s now use Neurofeedback to help them perform their best on a daily basis.
    A Google search will show many examples of athletes, even Olympic athletes, who utilize Neurofeedback for peak performance. This technology is available for all to use as we set our goals each year to be our best and feel our best. Make this year your best year.’

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