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    Jos Hervij

    when will non browser based (thus more stable) software come out for insight?

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    Jos Hervij

    i’ve been struggling to get the insight connected for months now. i’m so anxious to properly use it. i know we are in beta testing and the purpose of my insight usage is to encounter bugs, report them and await the fixes. but so far, i barely see how to get it connected to my pc since the browser based control panel doesnt function. also, the android apps systematicly lose the btle connection for several seconds. this happens every minute, making usage or command training impossible. since i am a beta tester (ive been very inactive in the past) i see it as my task to offer help into figuring out how to get the connection stable. dear emotiv, gmac, tan le, geoff, i am no programmer, but i can still help using people skills and try to connect the right people who CAN program to help out in this project. as far as i know the problem for mobile platform is that android versions update rapidly and every different version basicly mean you need to rebuild codecs every time. or something. please tell me what would help, then i can search for a way or a person that can provide it.

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    Please download the free Emotiv Xavier Control Panel app from

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    Chris Stuber

    I’ve got the same issues with Insight as mentioned in this thread….
    Installed Emotiv Xavier CP, but can’t select ‘Insight’. What’s up with that?

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    What version of CP and what platform (OS) are you running? Are you using Emotiv USB receiver or Bluetooth SMART connection?
    Have you donwloaded the most recent version? Oh, and are you actually using an Insight? It should be recognised immediately. Can you please send a screen shot?
    It would also help if you can find the firmware version number for the headset – go to the Help -> About menu to display it.

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