Hello from CA, Anybody how to fly a drone w EPOC+ on Mac?

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    Langer Kirk

    Hello Emotiv Comm.,

    Has anyone done any good YouTube videos that explain how to train up and use the EPOC+. The only software that I can currently connect to is the Control Panel and I’ve spent hours trying to improve my mental commands, but it seems as though all of the commands need to be re-learned each time you setup the headset.

    Is is possible to train up the commands so that you can improve your skill over time? Are there any other pieces of software that can connect?

    Has anyone tried to fly a drone with the headset? Is there a Mac version of the Drone software. Can the headset be combined with other hardware (e.g. motion sensing arm band)?

    Are there any programmers out there that would like to help teach people how to use this for fun things like flying a drone? I am happy to fund development!!

    Theoretically, you could make a full-size drone/board that could carry a human being and that drone could be controlled by the EPOC+ and possibly some additional redundancies (e.g. motion sensing arm band, hand control). However, since this is a very real possibility, I would be happy to fund a developer interested in human flight via the Emotiv. I would be happy to fund all development towards this endeavor. If every human being has the ability to potentially control devices via the Emotiv, then every human being has the potential ability to fly. This device could change the world right now. We just need some good software developers and I am ready to fund them.

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