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    I’m an artist working in Los Angeles and I am looking to team up with a developer for a new exhibition that will be showing in downtown LA in March 2017.

    To explain it briefly the idea is to create an environment where a user would have a Neuroheadset attached, the environment would be void of stimuli in an attempt to settle the activity within the brain. There will be a slide door that reveals a lover or friend, the room will then be projected with a map of each users brain activity, showing a visual manifestation of love and happiness amoung other feelings.

    What we need is software that creates imagery that we can project onto the walls surrounding the user creating an immersive experience.

    I’d love to collaborate with someone here on this project as I’m very passionate and driven about this idea and it will reach a wide audience of engaged people.

    If you’d like to be a part of this please let me know and we can discuss further.

    Kind regards, John Price

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    Baron Edna

    That’s really interesting. Hope you can do your dream project well. I just wondered after reading your idea. It shows how creative you are…go ahead…

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    Tien Phan

    It sounds very promising project. Unity3D is very good platform to implement this, you can make a wrapper to call Emotiv API using C# sample code here

    Using AverageBandPower for emotion capture is free and pretty responsive. You can use some Unity plugin for 3D mapping for projection to the door to avoid distortion.
    Please share your photo at the event

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